U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Friday, January 1, 2010

Professional Engineers Donate Time to Verify K-12 Schools Free of Charge

K-12 schools can search the PE Directory on the ENERGY STAR Web site to find Professional Engineers (PEs) who have volunteered their services - free of charge - to help verify schools applying for the ENERGY STAR!

Many K-12 schools that qualify for the ENERGY STAR lack the budgets to pay for required PE verifications. In response to this need, a number of PEs have answered EPA's call to action and offered to donate their services on a limited basis.

On average, ENERGY STAR labeled buildings use 35 percent less energy than typical buildings and generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Because our nation's schools are unique public buildings used by many members of the local community, they provide an opportunity to showcase and educate communities on effective energy management and environmental stewardship.

If you are a PE interested in volunteering your services to assist K-12 schools in applying for the ENERGY STAR, please contact