PPL Electric Utilities

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Partner of the Year - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery


PPL Electric Utilities is an electric transmission and distribution utility. PPL partnered with 41 retail chains, offered 20 different rebates and 77 instant discounts on ENERGY STAR certified products, while facilitating the savings of over 62,600 MWh for the year. Key 2020 accomplishments include:

  • Leveraging ENERGY STAR campaigns and marketing on its website, significantly increasing rebate uptake, page views, social media impressions, and products sold on its marketplace; and achieving over 16 million impressions from social media activities that leveraged ENERGY STAR annual promotion materials.
  • Increasing incentive uptake for ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters by 89 percent, compared to 2019 leveraging ENERGY STAR tax incentive messaging and the ENERGY STAR buying guide.
  • Increasing ENERGY STAR certified products sold through its online marketplace by 25 percent by including free shipping on orders of ENERGY STAR certified products costing more than 35 dollars.
  • Removing and recycling over 2,500 appliances, saving over 3 million kWh.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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