Introducing the Metering Configuration Enhancement in Portfolio Manager

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

While Portfolio Manager is designed to measure whole-building energy consumption, operators of some types of buildings – such as multifamily housing communities and shopping centers – do not always have access to all energy data for their properties. Often, tenants are directly metered by the utility, and the building operator only has access to energy bills for common areas. To address this issue, an enhancement has been added to Portfolio Manager that allows users to select whether the data they are entering is for the entire property or a portion of it. This will allow users to track and compare buildings with similar metering configurations until they are able to gain access to data for the whole building. It will also help EPA better understand the energy use patterns in these markets and enhance the information and resources provided to them in the future. To use the metering configuration enhancement, log into your Portfolio Manager account, go to the Facility Summary page for any building, and view the text box below the Energy Meters section.