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Monday, June 7, 2010

Improvements to Portfolio Manager Released

  1. New Data Center Space Model - Effective June 7, 2010
    Effective June 7, 2010, a new rating is now available for Data Centers. This rating methodology should be used for stand-alone Data Centers and for larger buildings that contain a combination of Data Center with other ratable space types. Data Center applies to buildings that are specifically designed and equipped to meet the needs of high density computing equipment such as server racks, used for data storage and processing. Typically these facilities require dedicated uninterruptible power supplies and cooling systems. The Data Center space is intended for sophisticated computing and server functions; it should not be used to represent a server closet or computer training area.


    In order to compute the new rating, there are three inputs:

    • Gross floor area
    • IT energy configuration (designation of the location of the IT meter)
    • IT energy meters (energy loads will be tracked similar to energy meters)

    There are also two new optional attributes: UPS System Redundancy and Cooling Equipment Redundancy.

    As of June 7, 2010, existing Computer Data Center spaces have been converted to the new Data Center space type. Estimates will be used for the IT energy load until it is updated with actual values by the user. The use of estimates will be permitted for the first two years of implementation (until June 2012) to allow users to get proper IT energy metering in place. After that time, IT energy metering will be required. In order to earn a rating, a Data Center space using estimates for IT energy cannot be more than 10% of the buildings floor area, per the current requirement. When actual data is entered more accurate ratings can be obtained and there is no size restriction.

  2. Updates to Water Treatment and Distribution and Wastewater Treatment Plants Spaces - Effective June 7, 2010
    Effective June 7, 2010, average flow can now be entered on a monthly basis for Water Treatment and Distribution Utilities and Wastewater Treatment Plants space models. In addition, a new standard view is now available and will contain the following metrics:
    • Current Rating
    • Average Flow (MGD)
    • Current Weather-Normalized Source Energy per Flow (kBtu/gpd)
    • National Average Source EUI (kBtu/gpd)
    • Current Site Electric Use (kWh)
    • Annual Energy Cost ($)
    • Current Total GHG Emissions (MtCO2e)

    The most current existing average flow entries will be valid through December 2010; however users are encouraged to begin updating the flow meter values as soon as possible, in accordance with this new functionality.

  3. Updates to Office and Retail Space Models - Effective June 7, 2010
    Effective June 7, 2010, minor adjustments were made to the energy performance methodologies for Office and Retail. The purpose of these adjustments is to ensure accurate ratings for very large buildings, and for buildings with extremely high densities of computers and/or cash registers. In the cases of these extreme values, net adjustments in the rating equation are limited, to reflect expected behavior as observed in the CBECS survey.

    The values previously entered by users for Office and Retail attributes have not changed, however, the energy performance ratings may have changed.

  4. Removal of Distribution Center from “Other” Space Type - Effective June 7, 2010
    Effective June 7, 2010, spaces that were previously defined as “Other – Distribution Center” have been converted to the space type ”Unrefrigerated Warehouse.” This change is consistent with the definition for the updated Warehouse model released in August 2009 which includes Distribution Centers. Please note that as a result of this update, Distribution Centers previously ineligible for an energy performance rating may now be able to see a rating using the Warehouse model. For more information on the Unrefrigerated Warehouse space model, please click here.
  5. New Display of Default Space Attribute Values – Effective June 7, 2010
    Effective June 7, 2010, if default values are being used for specific space attributes, you can now view the rounded default attribute value in Portfolio Manager. Please note that facilities cannot earn the ENERGY STAR label when default values are used.
  6. New and Revised Building Import Templates – Effective May 31, 2010
    Effective May 31, 2010, new and revised building import templates are available to download and previous versions of the templates are no longer being accepted. The following template changes have been made:
    • New template for Data Center
    • Updated templates to add the new Data Center IT Energy tab, including: Bank; Courthouse; Dormitory; Hospital; Hotel; Medical; Office; Other; Refrigerated Warehouse; Retail; School; Supermarket; Unrefrigerated Warehouse; House of Worship
    • Removal of the Distribution Center category from the Other template
    • Updated Wastewater template to include a new Influent Flow tab
    • Updated Water Treatment template to add a new Average Flow tab
  7. Updates to the Parking Space Adjustment- Effective June 7, 2010
    Effective June 7, 2010, a minor defect has been corrected in the calculation of ratings for buildings that contain "Open" parking area. Buildings that contain "open" parking square footage may have experienced a small change in their rating.

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