Globe Electric Inc.

Montreal, QC

Excellence Award - ENERGY STAR Promotion


Globe Electric is a market leader for light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. The company is receiving ENERGY STAR® recognition for effectively promoting its ENERGY STAR certified products and for its notable community outreach programs. Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Collaborating with the ENERGY STAR program to develop market strategies that promote the availability of lower cost, high quality ENERGY STAR certified LEDs to consumers.
  • Working in partnership with utility sponsors to develop several food pantry distribution programs targeting low income communities and under represented and interfaith groups in several eastern U.S. states. 
  • Helping U.S. consumers save more than $5,000,000 in electricity costs in one year.
  • Focusing on retailers that service lower income and rural consumers that have not previously had ENERGY STAR certified products available to them.
  • Achieving a 1,194 percent increase in ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs sales over 2016 levels. For ENERGY STAR LED fixtures, Globe increased unit sales by 96.13 percent over 2016 levels.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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