Food Lion, LLC

Salisbury, North Carolina

Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Management


Food Lion is a retail grocery store chain. Food Lion has integrated ENERGY STAR® into its energy management program since 2000, achieving a 29% energy savings worth $64 million across its portfolio. Key 2021 accomplishments include:

  • Maintaining an average ENERGY STAR retail score of 69.
  • Retrofitting 128 stores with LED lighting, saving an estimated 443 million BTUs per store annually, on average.
  • Helping a sister brand develop an energy conservation culture using ENERGY STAR tools and resources.
  • Enabling customers to shift to energy efficient lighting by making LED products available in all stores as replacements for traditional lights.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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