Bimbo Bakeries USA

Horsham, PA

Partner of the Year - Energy Management


Bimbo Bakeries USA is a baking company whose brands include Thomas’, Sara Lee, Oroweat, Arnold, Nature’s Harvest, and more. The company has used ENERGY STAR® tools and guidance to build its energy management program. Bimbo Bakeries is receiving the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for the growth of its energy management program and leadership in the baking sector. Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Achieving an energy intensity improvement of 1.5 percent over 2016 and contributing to a three-percent improvement since 2015, all while saving enough energy equivalent to produce over 40 million loaves of bread.
  • Earning ENERGY STAR certification at 14 of the company’s bakeries.
  • Achieving the goals of the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry recognition at 11 bakeries since 2013, the most in the commercial baking sector.
  • Actively participating in the ENERGY STAR Focus on Energy Efficiency in Commercial Baking and sharing its expertise within the industry.
  • Investing over $7 million in energy efficiency projects in its bakeries, depots, and retail centers.
  • Pioneering the use of bio-digestion systems to produce bio gas that has generated over $750,000 in energy savings.
  • Conducting energy treasure hunts using ENERGY STAR guidance at more than half of its facilities to find over $2.5 million in energy savings opportunities with payback periods of under two years.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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