Winston Salem, North Carolina

Excellence Awards - Product Design


Beverage-Air is a U.S. manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the food service industries. Beverage-Air stands out for its commitment to product innovation, including model redesigns that use low-global warming potential refrigerants (R-290), the introduction of adaptive defrost features, and the incorporation of variable speed compressors that can result in savings up to 30%. Key 2021 accomplishments include:

  • Highlighting the value of ENERGY STAR certification, noting that 50% of its offerings have earned the label, in product trainings, staff onboarding, consultant webinars, product training videos, and marketing materials.
  • Launching multiple social media campaigns featuring ENERGY STAR®, incorporating ENERGY STAR web banners on its website, and providing flyers, brochures, and its 2021 Product Catalog that prominently features the ENERGY STAR logo to manufacturer representative groups.
  • Focusing heavily on internal staff and dealer/distributor training dedicated to environmental messaging related to energy consumption and the ENERGY STAR program.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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