2014 Emerging Technology Award: Advanced Clothes Dryers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to recognize Advanced Clothes Dryers with the ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award in 2014. Advanced clothes dryers present a significant savings opportunity compared to other appliance categories where cost-effective energy efficiency gains have largely been realized.

Dryers are one of the largest energy-using appliances in the home. For example, a typical dryer consumes more than 900 kWh/year, compared to a typical refrigerator that uses just 455 kWh/year.

For 2016, EPA is maintaining a list of clothes dryers that meet the 2014 Award performance criteria.

Award-winning dryers offer:

  • Energy savings of approximately 40% in the most efficient setting
  • Savings of as much as $430 over the service life of the dryer
  • Total savings of more than 3,800 kWh over the service life of the dryer

EPA estimates that an ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award-winning clothes dryer could:

  • Save enough energy in a year to run an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer for 10 months.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5,000 pounds in its lifetime.

EPA Presents LG with the Emerging Technology Award in Washington, DC.

For more information, please email emergingtech@energystar.gov.