Commercial Oven Key Product Criteria


Effective January 1, 2014

Version 2.1

Commercial ovens must meet the cooking energy efficiency and idle energy rate requirements presented in the tables below to qualify for ENERGY STAR. Note: Conventional or standard ovens; conveyor; slow cook-and-hold; deck; mini-rack; rack; range; rapid cook; and rotisserie.

A. Convection Oven Cooking-Energy Efficiency and Idle Energy Rate Requirements:


Table 1: Energy Efficiency Requirements for Convection Ovens

Oven capacity Idle Rate, Btu/h Cooking-Energy Efficiency, %
Full-size ≤ 12,000 ≥ 46
Oven Capacity Idle Rate, kW Cooking-Energy Efficiency, %
Half-size ≤ 1.00 ≥ 71
Full-size ≤ 1.60

Table 2: Energy Efficiency Requirements for Combination Ovens

Operation Idle Rate, Btu/h Cooking-Energy Efficiency, %
Steam Mode ≤ 200P+6,511 ≥ 41
Convection Mode ≤ 150P+5,425 ≥ 56
Operation Idle Rate, kW  Cooking-Energy Efficiency, %
Steam Mode ≤ 0.133P+0.6400 ≥ 55
Convection Mode ≤ 0.080P+0.4989 ≥ 76

Note: P = Pan capacity as defined in Section 1.S, of the Commercial Ovens Program Requirements Version 2.1.