ENERGY STAR Certified Water Heaters

Product Details: AXEN - AXHW-23a/50

Solar water heater products have requirements for Solar Energy Factor (SEF), not Energy Factor (EF). For complete information on all products, click the product link or download the full product list in Excel.
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ENERGY STAR PartnerField details: Guangzhou Populace Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
TypeField details: Heat Pump
FuelField details: Electric
Storage Volume (gallons)Field details: 50.0
Tank Height (in.)Field details: 69.0
Tank Diameter (in.)Field details: 22.0
Input (kW)Field details: 2.2
VoltsField details: 230
kWh/yrField details: 1652.7
Energy FactorField details: 2.68
First Hour Rating (gallons/hr)Field details: 71
MarketsField details: United States
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