ENERGY STAR Certified Televisions

Product Details: KONTECH - SLTV-1519AP-3S

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Size (in.) Field details: 15.6
Technology Type Field details: Edge-lit LED
Vertical Resolution Field details: 1080p
Other Features Field details: User adjustable backlight
Automatic Brightness Control Field details: No
Estimated Annual Energy Use (kWh/yr) Field details: 33.4
Power Consumption in On Mode (Watts) Field details: 16.1
Power Consumption in Standby Mode (Watts) Field details: 0.6
Power Consumption in Standby Mode When Network Connected (Watts) Field details: 0
Markets Field details: United States
DECK156R,DECK156R,; DETK156R,DETK156R,; DLTK156R,DLTK156R,; DLTK157R,DLTK157R,; SLC-1519AP-3GDH,SLC-1519AP-3GDH,; SLC-1619A-3S,SLC-1619A-3S,; SLTV-1519AP-3G,SLTV-1519AP-3G,; SLTV-1519AP-3GDH,SLTV-1519AP-3GDH,; SLTV-1519AP-3GH,SLTV-1519AP-3GH,; SLTV-1519AP-3S,SLTV-1519AP-3S,; SLTV-1519AP-3SDH,SLTV-1519AP-3SDH,; SLTV-1519AP-3SH,SLTV-1519AP-3SH,; SLTV-1519AP-3SH,SLTV-1519AP-3SH,