ENERGY STAR Certified Light Fixtures

Product Details: Philips Color Kinetics - 350-000006-00

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ENERGY STAR Partner Field details: Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions, Inc.
Indoor/Outdoor Field details: Indoor
Fixture Type Field details: Under Cabinet
Commercial Versus Residential Field details: Residential
Technology Field details: LED
Light Output (lumens) Field details: 173
Appearance/Correlated Color Temperature (K) Field details: 2700K
Total Input Power (Watts) Field details: 3.3
Color Quality (CRI) Field details: 80
Energy Efficiency - Measured Outside the Fixture (lumens/Watt) Field details: 53.0
Power Factor Field details: 0.8
Light Source Life (hrs) Field details: 36000
Special Features Field details: Non-Dimmable
Date Available On Market Field details: 03/01/2012
Date Qualified Field details: 01/07/2013
Markets Field details: United States
350-000006-01,350-000006-01,; 350-000006-02,350-000006-02,; 350-000006-03,350-000006-03,; 350-000006-04,350-000006-04,; 350-000006-10,350-000006-10,; 350-000006-11,350-000006-11,; 350-000006-12,350-000006-12,; 350-000006-13,350-000006-13,; 350-000006-14,350-000006-14,