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Product Details: LG - 19MB35DE

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Display TypeField details: Monitor
Screen Size (in.)Field details: 19.0
Maximum Resolution (pixels)Field details: 1280 x 1024
Backlight TechnologyField details: LED
Panel TechnologyField details: TFT LCD
Power Consumed in On Mode (Watts)Field details: 11.12
Power Consumed in Sleep Mode (Watts)Field details: 0.18
Data/Network/Peripheral PortsField details: USB Hubs/Ports
MarketsField details: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Canada
19MB35DF,,; 19MB35DG,,; 19MB35DME,,; 19MB35DMF,,; 19MB35DMG,,; 19MB35DUE,,; 19MB35DUF,,; 19MB35DUG,,; 19MB35DYE,,; 19MB35DYF,,; 19MB35DYG,,; 19MB35PE,,; 19MB35PF,,; 19MB35PG,,; 19MB35PME,,; 19MB35PMF,,; 19MB35PMG,,; 19MB35PUE,,; 19MB35PUF,,; 19MB35PUG,,; 19MB35PYE,,; 19MB35PYF,,; 19MB35PYG,,