ENERGY STAR Certified Displays

Product Details: AOC - E950SWDA : 185LM00013

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Display Type Field details: Monitor
Screen Size (in.) Field details: 18.5
Maximum Resolution (pixels) Field details: 1366 x 768
Backlight Technology Field details: LED
Panel Technology Field details: TFT LCD
Power Consumed in On Mode (Watts) Field details: 9.65
Power Consumed in Sleep Mode (Watts) Field details: 0.23
Data/Network/Peripheral Ports Field details: None
Markets Field details: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Canada
E950SW,185LM00013,; E950SWA,185LM00013,; E950SWAK,185LM00013,; E950SWAN,185LM00013,; E950SWANK,185LM00013,; E950SWD,185LM00013,; E950SWDAK,185LM00013,; E950SWDAN,185LM00013,; E950SWDANK,185LM00013,; E950SWDK,185LM00013,; E950SWDN,185LM00013,; E950SWDNK,185LM00013,; E950SWK,185LM00013,; E950SWN,185LM00013,; E950SWN-NB,185LM00013,; E950SWNK,185LM00013,; e950Sw,185LM00013,; e950Swa,185LM00013,; e950Swak,185LM00013,; e950Swan,185LM00013,; e950Swank,185LM00013,; e950Swd,185LM00013,; e950Swda,185LM00013,; e950Swdak,185LM00013,; e950Swdan,185LM00013,; e950Swdank,185LM00013,; e950Swdk,185LM00013,; e950Swdn,185LM00013,; e950Swdnk,185LM00013,; e950Swk,185LM00013,; e950Swn,185LM00013,; e950Swn-NB,185LM00013,; e950Swnk,185LM00013,