ENERGY STAR Certified Computers

Product Details: ASUS - X200M

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TypeField details: Notebook
Notebooks, Desktops, Integrated Computers, Slate/Tablets, Two-in-one Notebooks, and Portable All-in-ones Category for TEC (Typical Energy Consumption) CriteriaField details: I3
Category I3: Processor BrandField details: Intel
Category I3: Processor NameField details: Celeron
Category I3: Operating System NameField details: Windows 8.1 Pro
Category I3: Base Processor Speed Per Core (GHz)Field details: 2.2
Category I3: System Memory (GB)Field details: 4.0
Category I3: Default Low-power ModeField details: Sleep Mode
Category I3: Long Idle Power Used for Sleep ModeField details: 0.3
Category I3: Off Mode (watts)Field details: 0.3
Category I3: Sleep Mode (watts)Field details: 0.6
Category I3: Long Idle (watts)Field details: 6.6
Category I3: Short Idle (watts)Field details: 9.1
Category I3: Base TEC Allowance (kWh)Field details: 28
Category I3: Functional Adder Allowances (kWh)Field details: 12.4
Category I3: TEC of Model (kWh)Field details: 32.2
Sleep Mode Default Time Upon Shipment (min.)Field details: 30
Display Sleep Mode Default Time Upon Shipment (min.)Field details: 10
WOL (Wake on LAN) From SleepField details: Shipped Disabled
Will the Speed of Any Active 1 GB/s or Higher Ethernet Network Links be Reduced to Less Than 1 GB/s When Transitioning to Sleep or Off Mode?Field details: Yes
Date Available On MarketField details: 01/14/2014
Date QualifiedField details: 04/03/2014
MarketsField details: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Canada
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