ENERGY STAR Certified Commercial Ice Machines

Product Details: Manitowoc - Indigo-Series : IB0894YC-161

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ENERGY STAR Partner Field details: Manitowoc Ice (A division of Manitowoc Foodservice)
Equipment Type Field details: Remote Condensing Unit
Ice Type Field details: Batch
Harvest Rate (lbs ice/day) Field details: 732
Measured Energy Use (kWh/100 lbs ice) Field details: 4.86
Adjusted Energy Use for Continuous (kWh/100 lbs ice) Field details: 4.86
Potable Water Use (gallons/100 lbs ice) Field details: 19.6
Ice Hardness Factor Field details: 100.0
Condenser Unit Model Number (if applicable) Field details: ICVD0996-261
Markets Field details: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Canada
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