ENERGY STAR Certified Audio/Video

Product Details: Nakamichi - Home Theatre System Subwoofer : NK22 (PN: JS6305WA)

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Product TypeField details: Audio Amplifier - Limited Bandwidth,Subwoofer
Amplifier ChannelsField details: 0.1
Video Player TypeField details: N/A
Tuner IncludedField details: No
Connected TechnologyField details: RF
Default Auto Power Down (APD) Timing (min.)Field details: 2
Energy Use (Idle) (Watts)Field details: 0.0
Energy Use (Sleep Mode) (Watts)Field details: 0.5
Is Amplifier Consumer or Commercial?Field details: Consumer
Amplifier Input Power at 1/8 Maximum Undistorted Power (Watts)Field details: 10.2
Amplifier Efficiency %Field details: 47%
Date Available On MarketField details: 10/11/2013
MarketsField details: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe, Taiwan, Canada
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