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CalPortland Company

Glendora, California

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence

CalPortland Company (www.calportland.com),founded in 1891 and headquartered in Glendora,CA, is a major producer of cement, concrete,aggregates and asphalt in the western U.S. and Canada. CalPortland continues to be a global leader in the promotion of ENERGY STAR® and energy management throughout industry. In 2014,the company decreased overall energy intensity by 0.4% despite 11 years of significant energy efficiency improvements. This amounted to a savings of 29,054 mmbtu vs. 2013 or a reduction of 2818 metric tons of CO2. Since 2003, CalPortland has improved its energy intensity by 16.6% with a cumulative savings of $73.1 million. Key accomplishments in 2014 include: 1. Saving over $991,000 in energy efficiency projects through the President’s 2014 $1 Million Energy Savings Challenge with one month to go. This program challenges all employees to develop energy saving ideas that are implemented in 2014. 2. Promoting ENERGY STAR globally through CalPortland's leadership positions in industry associations, making presentations on behalf of ENERGY STAR throughout the U.S. and internationally and by directly mentoring ENERGY STAR partners. 3. Developing a company-wide fleet fuel efficiency program with new fueling control stations, real time truck production management systems, aggressively reducing the age of our fleet and employing new technologies and higher efficiency vehicles. 4. Performing engineering for a clinker cooler replacement project at the Rillito cement plant with expected energy savings of over $2.6 million/yr. 5. Participating in the ENERGY STAR Challenge program with 17 plants covering concrete, aggregate, asphalt and cement products. Four plants have met the goal with two more being processed. 6. Leveraging ENERGY STAR tools and outreach with over 6.3 million advertising impressions, 25 million press release impressions, 530,000 website visits and reaching out to over 124,000 members of the community and students.