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General Motors Company

Detroit, Michigan

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

General Motors Company (GM) is a leading automobile manufacturer that produces vehicles in 30 countries. The company has leadership positions in the world’s largest and fastest-growing automotive markets with sales reaching more than 9.7 million vehicles annually. The company’s energy management program is integrated into its overall business model to ensure continuous efficiency improvements across the entire global organization. GM is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its leadership in communicating the importance of saving energy and preventing climate change with ENERGY STAR. Key 2013 accomplishments include:

  • Mentoring 8,500 students through Global Rivers Environmental Education Network about how our actions impact local watersheds.
  • Communicating about saving energy and preventing climate change through social media—GM’s Twitter account has 179,000 active users and its Facebook page has over 508,000 fans, all of whom helped continue the dialogue on energy efficiency.
  • Partnering with the Union of Concerned Scientists to bring a senior climate scientist in to take questions on how employees could live a more energy-efficient lifestyle.
  • Posting on an environmental blog three times a week with stories about GM’s environmental journey. The blog has become a resource for media, retirees, employees, nonprofits, consumers, and dealerships. Energy efficiency and the importance of preventing climate change represent a third of overall content with more than 50 posts in 2013.
  • Becoming the first automaker to sign a “climate declaration,” which calls for policymakers to address climate change by promoting clean energy and boosting energy efficiency.
  • Issuing 17 press releases that highlight ENERGY STAR and the importance of energy efficiency and preventing climate change, resulting in 300 million media impressions.