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The Energy Efficiency Fund

Orange, Connecticut

ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

The Energy Efficiency Fund (the Fund), administered by Connecticut Light & Power, The United Illuminating Company, Connecticut Natural Gas, Southern Connecticut Gas Company and Yankee Gas, and with the assistance of the Energy Efficiency Board, helps customers across the state of Connecticut adopt energy efficient technologies including encouraging home owners to save money and use clean, affordable energy. Energize Connecticut was created by the Fund as the state’s public-facing brand and is supported by the Fund and the Clean Energy Finance Investment Authority. Energize Connecticut offers a variety of residential products and services that encourage homeowners to adopt energy-efficient equipment and services that improve their comfort and save them money. The utilities, as administrators of the Fund, are receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for continuing to enhance and expand its HPwES program in an established market. Key achievements in 2013 include:

  • Completing more than 11,500 HPwES projects and providing rebates to more than 40 percent of HPwES participants for insulation upgrades.
  • Conducting a unique competition using social media to select two homeowners participating in HPwES to receive coaching from program administrators.
  • Deploying a mobile application developed by Energize Connecticut program managers and participating contractors. The app reduces data collection time; integrates the U.S. DOE’s Home Energy Score; and produces customized reports for homeowners that prioritize cost-effective upgrades, reduce administrative burdens, and encourage on-site sales of home performance services.
  • Requiring participating contractors to achieve a savings goal average of 14.1 MMBtu per home to remain active in the Energize Connecticut program. This requirement drives contractors to achieve more savings per project, resulting in an average  savings of 15.2 million MMBtu per home in 2013
  • Supporting over 300 jobs in Connecticut through its local HPwES and Home Energy Solutions programs, along with the work of numerous subcontractors in the HVAC, insulation, and home improvement trades.