Metro Lighting

Brentwood, Missouri

ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

Metro Lighting is Missouri’s largest lighting distributor and has distinguished itself through its efforts to promote the sale of ENERGY STAR certified lighting products. Metro Lighting is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for serving as a trusted ENERGY STAR resource for the greater St. Louis community and for continuing to increase its ENERGY STAR certified product offerings. Key accomplishments in 2013 include:

  • Stocking more than 200 ENERGY STAR certified lighting fixtures and bulbs, including a variety of ceiling fans, vent fans, decorative fixtures, LED bulbs, and commercial light fixtures—a 15-percent increase compared to 2012.
  • Working with Ameren Missouri to lower the cost of ENERGY STAR certified products for its customers, including participating in the utility’s point-of-purchase pilot program Act on Energy.
  • Promoting energy-efficient lighting and ENERGY STAR to the St. Louis community through its Show Me LED event and participation in the St. Louis Earth Day Festival and the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Green Homes & Great Health Festival.
  • Partnering with the local utility and its vendors to regularly educate its associates on the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified lighting products.
  • Demonstrating a consistent commitment to the environment through the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and a solar awning, hosting a National Plug In Day celebration to raise awareness of plug-in and hybrid vehicles, and by recycling more than 13,000 light bulbs in 2013.