Allergan, Inc.

Irvine, California

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Allergan, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty healthcare products worldwide. The company strategically manages energy and greenhouse gas emissions throughout its operations and builds upon a sound energy management foundation. Allergan is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its leadership in communicating the importance of saving energy and preventing climate change with ENERGY STAR. Allergan has directly focused on climate change since 1996. Key 2013 accomplishments include:

  • Highlighting the importance of energy conservation and climate change prevention at each Allergan facility during the months of April, June, and October for Earth Day, United Nations Environment Day, and Energy Awareness Month, respectively. Employees participated in contests and informational seminars to better understand local and global impacts of climate change.
  • Including energy conservation slides describing what each Allergan employee can do to reduce energy consumption at an Allergan quarterly meeting. Employees received emails containing a list of actions they could take to help the overall corporate effort as well as to lower energy use at home.
  • Submitting a case study to the Allergan CEO titled Water Mandate/Caring Climate – Climate Change Adaptation Efforts.
  • Asking Trucost to develop a supplier list; Allergan has begun work with those suppliers to reduce GHG emissions and water consumption footprints.