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Parmenter Realty Partners

Miami, Florida

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Parmenter Realty Partners is a privately held, vertically-integrated real estate investment management and development company that owns and operates more than 5.9 million square feet of building space. Parmenter Realty Partners has more than 150 employees and manages over a billion dollars in assets throughout the United States. Parmenter Realty Partners is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for its commitment to continuous improvement of energy efficiency by renovating underperforming properties and repositioning these properties for acquisition. Key 2013 accomplishments include:

  • Creating ParmenterGREEN, Parmenter Realty Partners’ sustainability team, which helped the company organize, develop, and better implement its energy conservation strategies at its properties.
  • Targeting an average ENERGY STAR score of 81.4 across all buildings, with a minimum of 75 for each individual building.
  • Distributing a monthly High Performance Building newsletter to all internal employees, focusing on energy saving initiatives, energy efficiency success stories, tips on how to save energy, and how to engage tenants to become more efficient.
  • Decreasing energy usage at its properties by more than 12.5 million kBtu over 2012 levels, which represents a 3.6 percent reduction in energy use intensity and a $395,000 savings in electricity costs.