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Georgia Interfaith Power & Light

Decatur, Georgia

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light (GIPL) is a statewide nonprofit that in response to climate change and environmental injustice engages communities of faith in stewardship of creation. GIPL engages through worship and education on the sustainable generation and efficient use of energy. Georgia’s faith communities form a vast, powerful, and active base, a resource often untapped by those working to fight climate change. GIPL is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its leadership in communicating the importance of saving energy and preventing climate change with ENERGY STAR. Key 2013 accomplishments include:

  • Providing low-cost professional energy audits to 187 congregational facilities over the past 5 years, equaling over 7 million square feet of space, and providing congregations 15- to 25-percent savings on their energy bills—totaling over $1 million in energy savings and more than 8 million pounds of carbon prevented from entering the atmosphere.
  • Providing an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account to each congregation, allowing congregations to track and benchmark their energy performance and improve from month to month.
  • Providing energy audits for 20 communities of faith in Georgia in 2013, equaling over 471,000 square feet of space, guiding houses of worship through the process of understanding their energy use and how they can embrace energy efficiency and prevent climate change.
  • Granting over $800,000 in matching grant funds to help congregations install energy efficiency upgrades that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.
  • Teaching home energy audit training classes to more than 750 people, helping them save energy and money in their own homes, preventing climate change.
  • Educating communities of faith in Georgia on energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental justice and working to support them in embracing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and preventing climate change. With more than 15,000 communities of faith in Georgia, GIPL is the only organization in the state working on this effort.