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Advanced Energy

Raleigh, North Carolina

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Over the years, Advanced Energy (AE) has been a strong supporter of ENERGY STAR. In 2012, Advanced Energy continued its support of the program by continuing to provide training and technical support to program participants as well as launching several new initiatives to promote ENERGY STAR Version 3. We became the second H-QUITO in the nation and are providing support to HVAC participants nationwide. We also worked to address market barriers to energy efficient housing, including designing a utility program to entice builders and assisting in a public awareness campaign in North Carolina. The key to a successful energy efficiency program is a strong infrastructure. Advanced Energy works with all industry players in an effort to promote the ENERGY STAR program. We train builders and subcontractors on best practices to help them successfully implement program requirements in the field. We educate real estate professionals, appraisers and lenders on how to value and sell ENERGY STAR homes. We held a Rater Camp to help home energy raters become familiar with the Version 3 checklist and work with other raters to come up with solutions to challenges. Understanding how to properly value and sell efficient homes makes it easier for builders to see the value in building energy efficient homes. Finally, AE participated in a consumer awareness campaign to drive demand for efficient homes in North Carolina. This year also saw new ways to communicate with the industry. We developed online trainings and video series to increase our impact on the market even more. We look forward to continuing to work with the ENERGY STAR program for many years to come.