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Baltimore Gas Electric Company

Baltimore, Maryland

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) is the largest utility in Maryland, serving more than 1.2 million electricity customers and more than 650,000 gas customers. BGE's Smart Energy Savers Program offers residential energy efficiency solutions that leverage ENERGY STAR certified products, new homes, and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES). BGE is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence recognition for its continued success in leveraging ENERGY STAR messaging to highlight quality and help customers identify efficient products and new homes. Key 2012 accomplishments include:

  • Helping generate the sale of more than 2.5 million ENERGY STAR certified lighting products, bringing the program total to over 12 million and saving BGE customers more than 450,000 MWh.
  • Providing targeted incentives to lowering the upfront costs of ENERGY STAR certified appliances, influencing the sale of 37,000 units for a program total of 142,000 units and savings in excess of 19,000 MWh.
  • Permanently removing from the grid and properly recycling (in accordance with EPA's Responsible Appliance and Recycling Program) more than 21,000 old inefficient refrigerators and freezers, avoiding 170,000 metric tons of carbon emissions since program inception.
  • Influenced the completion of more than 1,200 ENERGY STAR certified homes for a total of more than 4,400 new homes and savings of 8,000 MWh and 1.1 million therms to date.
  • Facilitated more than 575 HPwES projects, saving 830 MWh and nearly 40,000 therms.
  • Conducting extensive consumer outreach across all its efficiency programs to highlight the benefits of ENERGY STAR, yielding more than 654 million impressions through the program website; collateral and print materials; and TV, radio, online and billboard advertisements.
  • Strengthening HPwES participating contractor resources, including sales training, guidebooks, mentoring, and a contractor report card designed to motivate project completions and customer service.