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Good Earth Lighting, Inc.

Wheeling, Illinois

ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

Good Earth Lighting, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells a high-quality line of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixtures at affordable prices. In 2011, Good Earth successfully promoted ENERGY STAR qualified lighting by partnering with retailers to educate consumers about energy-efficient models. Key accomplishments include:


·         Offering 404 ENERGY STAR qualified models in 2011, a 7-percent increase over the number offered in 2010. One hundred percent of its decorative fixture product line is ENERGY STAR qualified.

·         Educating end-users about the benefits of qualified lighting through in-store events and by working with retailers to develop and display product signage.

·         Partnering with Lowe's and ACE Hardware to promote ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures through local utility programs, resulting in a 7-percent increase in sales.

·         Featuring the ENERGY STAR logo prominently on its company website and including a section entitled "Brighter Ideas," which informs consumers about the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting.