Berthoud, Colorado

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

EnergyLogic is a full-service home energy rating and provider rganization in Colorado, providing services to 49 ENERGY STAR builders across the Berthoud market. EnergyLogic is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for key achievements including:

  • Verifying directly 1,157 ENERGY STAR qualified homes in 2009, equal to approximately 20 percent of all homes built in Colorado.
  • Overseeing 32 ENERGY STAR rater partners under its providership; these rater partners verified more than 2,460 ENERGY STAR qualified homes in 2009.
  • Providing training to their rater partners to ensure successful participation in the ENERGY STAR program, often traveling to partner locales for training and providing marketing materials.
  • Offering builder partners a comprehensive suite of support services, including the Northern Colorado ENERGY STAR Homes guide, a comprehensive resource outlining each ENERGY STAR New Home building requirement by category.