Metro Lighting

St. Louis, Missouri

ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

Metro Lighting, a family-owned business, has grown into Missouri's largest lighting distributor with seven locations serving the greater St. Louis area and Cape Girardeau. Metro Lighting is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for excellence in lighting retailing. Key accomplishments include:

  • Dedicating a section in each of its seven showrooms to showcase ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixtures and CFLs.
  • Partnering with AmerenUE to heavily promote ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products in the St. Louis area through a combination of print, television, and radio advertising.
  • Offering customers greater product selection by stocking and displaying more than 100 ENERGY STAR qualified products including residential lighting fixtures, commercial lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and CFLs.
  • Training each member of its 60+ sales force on the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products and holding numerous "lunch and learn events" with vendors. 
  • Partnering with Nuvo Lighting to develop the "E-Star Builder Plus" catalog which features ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products. This catalog is distributed to all of its builder accounts, and is used in the field to educate new homebuyers about low-cost, qualified lighting options.