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Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA)

Rochester, Minnesota

ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) is a nonprofit wholesale municipal utility created by the 18 member municipal electric utilities it serves. An ENERGY STAR partner since 2000, SMMPA is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for demonstrated effectiveness in collaborating to promote ENERGY STAR qualifying products. Key achievements include:

  • Effectively leveraging ENERGY STAR tools and resources across multiple jurisdictions to create consistent messaging, reduce market confusion, and exert collective market influence in encouraging consumers to choose ENERGY STAR qualified residential and commercial products.
  • Breaking down barriers to consumer adoption of ENERGY STAR qualified products through strategic program interventions, including tiered rebates to make specialty CFLs more affordable, a dehumidifier trade-in program to replace old, inefficient dehumidifiers with ENERGY STAR labeled models, and targeted education along with a suite of incentives on ENERGY STAR qualified commercial food service technologies to help food service customers rein in operating costs.
  • Encouraging proper recycling of inefficient appliances by offering bonus incentives for recycling, an effort that was recently highlighted in The Wall Street Journal's "Smart Money" column.
  • Launching "Catch Savings in Preston," a community-wide incandescent to CFL change out with 92 percent of Preston households participating. The campaign featured nearly 12,000 CFLs of twenty-three different wattages and types, for energy savings of 385,000 kWh and a reduction of 270 tons of CO2 annually.
  • Saving more than 2.1 million annual kWh in 2009 and over 11 million annual kWh since 2007, savings equal to reducing C02 emissions by 11,500 tons annually.