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Panasonic Home & Environment Company

Secaucus, New Jersey

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Panasonic Home & Environment Company (PHEC), a unit company of Panasonic North America, is the hub of Panasonic's U.S. marketing, sales, service, and research and development operations, and offers an advanced line of high performance ventilation fans. PHEC is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for reaching efforts to manufacture and market energy-efficient ventilation products. Key achievements include:

  • Qualifying 100 percent of its eligible Panasonic line ventilation fans as ENERGY STAR and offering the highest efficiency among currently qualified products of these types.
  • Introducing eight ENERGY STAR qualified vent fan products in 2009 for a total selection of 42, representing a 20 percent increase over 2008.
  • Including ENERGY STAR information in brochures, ads, sales promotions, and its Web site to highlight the importance of using energy-efficient ventilation products.
  • Educating new manufacturers' representatives and distributors on the value of ENERGY STAR qualification including creating the Distributor Binder to educate all PHEC vent fan distributors and retailers on the environmental and economic benefits of PHEC's ENERGY STAR qualified products.
  • Displaying ENERGY STAR qualified products with the logo in its booth at 41 regional and national trade shows in 2009. 
  • Including ENERGY STAR in media pitches, press releases, sweepstakes promotions, and a MAT release article. As a result, ENERGY STAR was included in 116 consumer and trade placements that reached a total online and print audience of nearly 8 million.
  • Promoting the ENERGY STAR program through a range of sales representative and distributor marketing materials including advertising, direct mail, brochures, signage, and displays.