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Advanced Energy

Raleigh, North Carolina

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Advanced Energy is a full-service home energy rating and provider organization that also performs testing and applied research in building science. Advanced Energy is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for key achievements including:

  • Partnering with utilities nationwide to train more than 300 builders, subcontractors, raters, and real estate professionals on ENERGY STAR.
  • Serving as a rater provider for 35 home energy rater organizations that qualified 342 homes in 2009.
  • Holding seven "ENERGY STAR for Builders" workshops in North Carolina for utilities and training 125 companies, resulting in 19 new ENERGY STAR builder partners. 
  • Promoting aggressively its "Success with ENERGY STAR" program, which provides comprehensive training and assessments to builders and their subcontractors to transform their building processes to build consistently high quality, energy-efficient homes.