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Southern California Edison Company

Rosemead, California

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence

Southern California Edison (SCE) Company, an investor-owned utility serving 13 million electric customers, is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for continued success in promoting ENERGY STAR qualifying residential and business products to customers. This is the fourth time SCE has received ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition. Key accomplishments in 2009 include:

  • Delivering approximately 800 million kWh of annual energy savings and over 145 MW of demand reduction through 2009 installations of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, air conditioning, appliance, computer, and entertainment products.
  • Demonstrating that a consistent, market-friendly approach to program delivery can help transform the market for energy-efficient products over the long term, and in the process protect the environment for future generations.
  • Increasing the number of retailers that carry ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products; retailer participation has doubled since 2006 with more than 600 retailers and 2,000 stores participating in 2009.
  • Working with manufacturers and retailers to launch a Business and Consumer Electronics Program (BCEP) aimed at reducing the growing area of plug-load energy consumption. Five months after the program's inception, ENERGY STAR qualified TV sales rose from 47 to 81 percent, and computer monitor sales rose from 20 to 58 percent at 39 participating Best Buy locations.
  • Developing catchy, mass market radio commercials, targeted direct communications, and face-to-face engagements to educate customers on the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products. SCE also teamed up with Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Metropolitan Water District to sponsor the Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign Exhibit House at the LA County Fair.
  • Remodeling its Foodservice Technology Center with displays including more than 600 pieces of primarily ENERGY STAR qualified foodservice equipment and educating more than 550 customers on the benefits of energy-efficient food service operations.