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Maize Unified School District 266

Logo for Maize Unified School District 266 Maize, Kansas
10% Improvement (2008)

Maize Unified School District 266 is the 12th largest district in Kansas, and it educates more than 6,200 students in eight buildings. In partnership with Energy Education, Inc., the district has developed and implemented a preventive maintenance and monitoring plan for its facilities and systems. Every employee has been given the tools and the responsibility to help increase energy efficiency in each school.

In partnership with EPA, Maize Unified School District 266 has taken the ENERGY STAR Challenge and improved its energy performance by more than 16 percent, and saved more than $340,000 in energy costs compared to its baseline year of 2005. Small, low- and no-cost changes have helped the district optimize its energy performance; the facility management fine tuned the facilities. HVAC systems to operate at peak hours and made sure lights are turned off when buildings are unoccupied.  Through these measures, the district has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5,500 tons per year.