Sumter County Schools

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30% Improvement (2008)

Sumter District Schools educates approximately 5,000 students on 10 school campuses representing approximately 1,200,000 square feet of space. The district operates on a 10-month teaching schedule, and has a goal of providing a supportive, caring, and productive environment where the young people of Sumter County can obtain the knowledge, technological abilities, and other skills they will need to become productive members of the community. Sumter District Schools views energy efficiency as both an important opportunity to teach students about environmental protection and as a way to reduce operating costs. As a result, the district strives to increase efficiency to maximize the funds available for instructional programs and support services and to educate every student and employee about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency.


Sumter District Schools has improved energy efficiency by more than 30 percent compared to a 2005 baseline, in addition to achieving an average EPA ENERGY STAR energy performance rating of 82 for its entire 10-campus portfolio.  During this time, the district has reduced its overall energy consumption by approximately 42,000,000 kBtu and eliminated approximately 6,600 tons in carbon dioxide emissions. This represents savings of approximately $600,000 per year. The districts success in improving energy efficiency began with a commitment by the superintendent, who entered into a partnership with Energy Education, Inc. A district-wide energy manager was appointed to assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive energy management plan.