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Columbia Heights Public Schools ISD 13

Logo for Columbia Heights Public Schools ISD 13 Columbia Heights, Minnesota
Top Performer (2006)
10% Improvement (2006)
Top Performer (2008)

Columbia Heights Public Schools ISD 13 educates approximately 3,000 K-12 students across five school buildings in the Minnesota cities of Columbia Heights, Hilltop, and the southern third of Fridley. The district's mission is to provide a positive educational experience that allows all stakeholders to achieve their potential through communication, high standards and expectations, and planning and evaluation, while acknowledging the value of community. The district believes that improved energy efficiency has helped it provide a positive environment for its students and staff. 

The district has assessed the energy performance of all of its schools and undertaken improvements resulting in a 75 portfolio-wide energy performance rating in 2006. After additional improvements such as lighting retrofits, adjusted temperature set points and behavioral changes from building occupants, the district raised its portfolio-wide rating to 90 by 2008. A partnership with Schools for Energy EfficiencyTM(SEE) program since September 2005 has helped the district save $101,000 by using low- and no-cost strategies and a comprehensive program specifically designed for K-12 schools. The district also adopted a new energy policy in January 2006.


Columbia Heights Public Schools ISD 13 joined ENERGY STAR in 2005.