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Lake Stevens School District

Logo for Lake Stevens School District Lake Stevens, Washington
20% Improvement (2011)
30% Improvement (2012)
Top Performer (2013)

Lake Stevens School District #4 is a K-12 public school district serving nearly 8,000 students across approximately 1 million square feet in school and support facilities. The districts mission is to ensure that every student meets or exceeds academic standards and is fully prepared to maximize lifes opportunities. The Lake Stevens School District Board of Directors embraces energy conservation and believes it to be the Districts responsibility to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources while exercising sound financial management. As a result, the District strives to conserve energy, maximize the funds available for instructional programs and support services, and educate every student and employee about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency. In 2010, the district became an ENERGY STAR Partner, entered into a partnership with Texas-based Cenergistic, and hired an energy manager to implement a comprehensive energy program.

Lake Stevens School District #4 has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Top Performer for achieving an average 1 - 100 ENERGY STAR score of 78 across its portfolio of buildings. In 2012, the district was recognized as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving the energy efficiency of its facilities by more than 30 percent compared to a 2010 baseline. The districts success with saving energy is attributed to key elements including behavioral changes, such as turning off equipment, lights, and computers when not in use; modifying and fine-tuning the building automation system and building schedules; working with the local utility to perform lighting retrofits and controls upgrades through incentives; and adapting system-wide temperature standards. A combination of staff member training and building auditing helped promote energy efficiency and teach students and staff members to make wise decisions about energy on a daily basis in order to help minimize the districts impact on the environment. The results of the energy management program have been significant; since the inception of the energy management program in 2010, Lake Stevens School District has avoided more than $1.7 million in total utility costs. Compared to its 2010 baseline, the district is preventing the annual emissions of more than 2,300 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is equal to the carbon sequestered by more than 59,100 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years.