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Shelby County Public Schools

Logo for Shelby County Public Schools Shelbyville, Kentucky
10% Improvement (2012)
20% Improvement (2012)

Shelby County Public Schools, located in Shelby County, Kentucky, operates more than 1.1 million square feet of floor space, employs approximately 1,000 individuals, and educates nearly 6,700 students. The district's mission is to prepare students for the global workplace and market, and the district's administrators believe that school buildings should demonstrate sound environmental practices and serve as a fundamental tool for learning. Partnering with ENERGY STAR since 2010, Shelby County continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and education.

Shelby County Public Schools has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leader for increasing energy efficiency by more than 20 percent across its portfolio of facilities compared to a 2010 baseline. The district estimates that since the beginning of its energy management program in 2010, it has saved nearly $400,000 in avoided energy costs. To do so, the district successfully implemented an energy management program with the help of the Kentucky School Board Association's School Energy Management Project. Since the project's inception, the district has become an ENERGY STAR Partner and has worked diligently to spread the word about energy efficiency. The district has created an energy use plan and has formed a district energy team to oversee the plan. Compared to its 2010 baseline, the district is currently preventing the annual emissions of 2,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 71,100 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years.