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Lompoc Unified School District

Logo for Lompoc Unified School District Lompoc, California
20% Improvement (2011)
Top Performer (2011)
Top Performer (2012)

Lompoc, California is located 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles in Santa Barbara County. Lompoc Unified School District (LUSD) offers an outstanding educational program for its approximately 10,000 students. The district serves K-12 students living in Lompoc, Vandenberg Village, Mesa Oaks, Mission Hills, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the rural areas adjacent to these communities. LUSD encompasses more than 1,175,000 square feet and is committed to educating all students to become responsible, thinking, contributing members of our society. In support of this commitment, LUSD entered into an agreement with Energy Education, Inc. in 2008 to establish a people-based energy conservation program. The district administrators hoped to eliminate energy waste and be good stewards of natural resources and taxpayer dollars, thereby maintaining education programs, personnel, and the comfort and safety of students.


An ENERGY STAR partner since 2010, LUSD has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Top Performer for achieving a portfolio-wide ENERGY STAR energy performance score of 91. In 2011, the district was recognized as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving the energy performance of its facilities by more than 20 percent compared to a 2008 baseline. To achieve their goals, the district administrators focused on behavioral change. These changes included shutting down buildings during holiday breaks, distributing energy use guidelines to staff members, and holding meetings to discuss energy efficiency efforts. Doing so enabled the district to avoid energy costs of more than $1.6 million. Compared to its 2008 baseline, the district currently prevents the annual emissions of more than 870 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 22,350 tree seedlings, planted and grown for 10 years.