Plymouth School District

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20% Improvement (2012)
Top Performer (2012)

Plymouth School District, located in Plymouth, Connecticut, is composed of buildings encompassing more than 405,900 square feet of space. The mission of the district is to ensure that all students learn to the best of their abilities and grow into knowledgeable, skilled, and contributing citizens who are capable of succeeding in their work, personal, and family lives. Faced with raising costs and additional mandated operational requirements, the school district teamed with Energy Education Inc. to reduce energy usage and emissions in 2009 and became an ENERGY STAR Partner in 2011.

The district now audits facilities at various times of the day and during unoccupied times such as weekends and holidays. Documenting equipment usage, building use, temperature, and humidity levels, the district devised an operational plan for each season of the year. This action, along with cost-sharing contracts with the district's local utility company, has greatly improved the district's energy efficiency capabilities.

Plymouth School District has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving energy efficiency by more than 20 percent compared to a 2009 baseline and as a Top Performer for achieving an average ENERGY STAR energy performance score of 97 across its portfolio of buildings. Educating administrators, staff members, and faculty members on the benefits of conservation and behavioral change, the district has adopted the motto less money spent on energy; more money spent in the classroom. The custodial staff members, Maintenance Department, Technology Department, and Food Service members have been the keystone to the district's great savings and efficiency. The district has prevented the emissions of more than 250 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 6,460 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years.