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Kingsway Regional School District

Logo for Kingsway Regional School District Woolwich Township, New Jersey
30% Improvement (2012)
Top Performer (2012)

Kingsway Regional School District, located in Woolwich Township, New Jersey, covers an area of more than 74 square miles and educates approximately 2,400 students. The district provides a secure, supportive environment and high-quality resources to challenge and empower each student to pursue his or her potential. In November 2008, the Board of Education, striving to be a good steward of its taxpayer dollars, entered into an agreement with Energy Education to reduce energy consumption and to lessen the district's carbon footprint. The district began by assessing its energy operations and educating its staff members on the goals of the program. Consultants from Energy Education conducted regular visits to work with the on-site manager, measure progress, and strategize ways to achieve continuous and sustainable improvement. The on-site manager conducted regular audits, measured monthly results, and gave feedback to all departments.


After 31 months of implementing its conservation plan, the district has realized a cost savings of more than 30 percent, which amounts to $815,000. This success has been achieved without any infrastructure investment, but instead by simply examining all aspects of energy use and making adjustments. The success of the program can be largely attributed to the cooperation of all departments.


Kingsway Regional School District has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leader for increasing energy performance by more than 30 percent compared to a 2008 baseline. Since its baseline, the district has prevented the emissions of more than 800 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 2,700 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years. The district will further reduce its energy use in 2012 by adding eight acres of solar panels to the site. This reduction will help the district as it expands on its buildings by 25 percent in the near future. Reducing energy expenditures allows the district to redirect resources to other areas of the budget.