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Metropolitan School District of Martinsville

Logo for Metropolitan School District of Martinsville Martinsville, Indiana
Top Performer (2009)
Top Performer (2010)

Located in central Indiana, the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville educates approximately 5,500 students and employs 700 staff members. Among its buildings, the district includes one high school, two middle schools, and eight elementary schools. The district has more than a million square feet of floor space.


EPA has recognized the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville as an ENERGY STAR Leaders Top Performer for achieving an average ENERGY STAR energy performance score of 82 across its entire portfolio of buildings. In 2008, three schools earned the ENERGY STAR for superior energy performance and went on to earn certification again in 2009, along with four other schools for the first time. The high school joined the list in 2010, boosting the number of ENERGY STAR certified schools in the district to eight. Foreseeing the need to reduce energy costs, the district began implementing energy management practices in 1989. Computer controls were installed to schedule the operation of heating and air conditioning units and maintain set temperatures in three schools. Today, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in nine schools are controlled by computers at the maintenance department. In 1996, the school district completed a lighting retrofit in all facilities, changing T-12 fluorescent lights to T-8; incandescent lights to halogen or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs); exit lights to LEDs, and all ballasts to more energy-efficient models. An energy policy and plan was introduced at the start of the 2007-08 school year, which included simple guidelines such as turning off unneeded lighting, removing non-essential electrical appliances from classrooms, and shutting off or unplugging all items not in use.