Red Wing Public Schools

Red Wing, Minnesota
Top Performer (2010)

The Red Wing School District offers all children an opportunity to grow in a supportive and caring environment. Approximately 2,800 students are educated with the support of roughly 425 staff members. Approximately 90 percent of district graduates continue their education beyond high school. Building and grounds encompasses more than 770,000 square feet, including five educational facilities, one family center, two ice arenas and a shop. The district's community education programs serve people of all ages from infants through senior citizens and focus on connecting the community, schools and businesses. Programs and activities are designed to link the community and educational systems which enhance personal growth and community development. Our ENERGY STAR partnership provides additional tools and targets to demonstrate our district-wide commitment to energy efficiency.

EPA has recognized Red Wing Public Schools as an ENERGY STAR Leaders Top Performer for achieving a portfolio-wide average energy performance rating of 78. The district has earned the ENERGY STAR label for four of its school buildings. Our staff is committed to educational excellence while  remaining good stewards of tax dollars, exemplified by the use of CO2 sensors in larger areas and many classrooms; classroom and office temperature settings that maintain thermal comfort without being wasteful; and energy recovery units and high-efficiency equipment. A continued emphasis on energy management, mechanical system upgrades, and commissioning will further enhance energy performance. Successful energy efficiency measures include:

  • Adjusting heating and cooling setpoints
  • Removing personal appliances, such as heaters, fans, refrigerators, cup warmers, and coffee makers
  • Replacing lighting fixtures, including all HID lighting
  • Using lighting motion sensors in most buildings
  • Installing a base-load heating system
The district plans to continue improving its energy performance with measures like replacing aging water heaters and boilers, continuing to fine-tune its building automation systems, and keeping existing equipment in good working order. The school district has a dedicated maintenance staff and the care they provide their buildings is evident to the community, staff and students of the Red Wing Public School District.