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Cuba-Rushford Central School District

Cuba, New York
10% Improvement (2010)

Cuba-Rushford Central School District in New York educates more than 1,000 students in four school buildings, representing more than 325,000 square feet of floor space. The district operates on a year-round teaching schedule including summer school. Its mission is to provide a safe and caring learning environment to prepare students to be life-long learners who are independent, involved, and conscientious citizens in a global community. Cuba-Rushford Central School District views energy efficiency as both an important opportunity to teach students about environmental protection, as well as a way to reduce operating costs. As a result, the district strives to increase energy efficiency to maximize the funds available for instructional programs and support services, and to educate every student and employee about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency. Participation in the ENERGY STAR program has provided the district with many valuable resources and ideas that have enabled us to meet our energy goals and to ensure that Cuba-Rushford students are learning to be good stewards of the environment.

The Cuba-Rushford Central School District has been recognized as an ENERGY STAR Leader for achieving a portfolio-wide energy performance improvement of 10 percent. The district has seen cost avoidance of approximately $121,200 per year and has reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 175 metric tons, the equivalent of planting more than 40 acres of trees every year. The district's success in improving energy efficiency began with a commitment by the superintendent and Board of Education, who adopted a district-wide energy policy and supported the undertaking of an energy study as well as implementation of several energy-saving initiatives carried out by the Buildings and Grounds Department. The policy encourages cooperation from the school's administration, teaching staff, support staff, students, and custodial staff to work cooperatively to contribute to energy efficiency in our district. Every person is expected to be an energy saver, not just an energy consumer. Successful efficiency measures have included increasing focus on maintenance of energy systems and equipment; turning off computers when not in use; installing motion sensors in classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, and storage areas; tying motion sensors to the heating system and outside air dampers; upgrading lighting in gymnasiums and auditoriums; using LED parking lot and wall pack lights as well as solar powered motion lights for exterior lighting; replacing pool heater with high efficiency boilers; converting three electric dishwashers to gas on demand; and purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances whenever possible.