Hudson School District

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10% Improvement (2010)

Hudson School District in Wisconsin educates more than 5,400 students in 8 school buildings representing almost 1,000,000 square feet of floor space. The district's mission is to provide a supportive, caring, and productive environment in which the young people of the Hudson area can obtain the knowledge, technological abilities, and other skills that they will need to become productive members of the community. Hudson School District views energy efficiency as both an important opportunity to teach students about environmental protection, as well as a way to reduce operating costs. As a result, the district strives to increase energy efficiency to maximize the funds available for instructional programs and support services, and to educate every student and employee about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency. Participation in the ENERGY STAR program has provided the district with many valuable resources and ideas that have enabled us to meet our energy goals and to ensure that Hudson students are learning to be good stewards of the environment.

Hudson School District has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving its energy efficiency by 10 percent as compared to a 2008 baseline. On a cost basis, this represents a savings of approximately $135,000 per year. The district has avoided greenhouse gas emissions of more than 1,500 metric tons per year, the equivalent of planting more than 350 acres of trees. The district's success in improving energy efficiency began with a commitment by the administrative staff including the superintendent who endorsed participation in Wisconsin's Cooperative Educational Service Agency 10 (CESA 10) energy management service to develop and implement a comprehensive energy management plan for the district. A key element of the plan is the training of staff members in each school including the schools administration, teaching staff, students, and custodial staff. In addition to compiling and tracking energy data, identifying energy savings opportunities, and overseeing improvements, the CESA 10 energy managers and the district maintenance staff worked hard to increase focus on the efficient operation of energy systems and equipment whenever possible.