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Cohoes City School District

Logo for Cohoes City School District Cohoes, New York
30% Improvement (2006)
Top Performer (2008)
Top Performer (2010)

The Cohoes City School District educates over 2,000 K-12 students in six school buildings. The district has partnered with Energy Education Inc., an energy management firm, to increase energy savings and institute energy savings programs. With the help of this firm, district employees, teachers, and students are continually informed of the advantages of energy efficiency and the importance of maintaining their community's environment.

Cohoes City School District has been recognized for the second time by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leaders Top Performer for achieving a portfolio-wide average energy performance rating of 75 or greater. The district has also been previously recognized for improving its energy performance by 30 percent in 2006. The district is the first in the State of New York to achieve a 30 improvement in energy performance. Since joining the ENERGY STAR program in 2006, five of the six schools have earned the ENERGY STAR Label for Buildings for multiple years, totaling 12 labels among the five schools. Each of these schools is also applying for the 2010 ENERGY STAR label. The Cohoes City School District has avoided more than 700 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of planting more than 150 acres of trees. The district has also saved more than $972,000 in energy costs between the 2004-2005 and 2009-2010 school years. The district attributes the its success to simple energy-saving measures such as scheduling heating and air-conditioning systems to be turned off when buildings are unoccupied, opening windows and turning off HVAC units when temperatures allow, turning off computers when not in use, setting comfort zone temperatures to 78� in the summer and 68� in the winter, and installing motion sensors and vending misers.