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School District of Amery, WI

Amery, Wisconsin
Top Performer (2010)

The School District of Amery

Amery, WI

Top Performer (2010)


The School District of Amery, located in western Wisconsin, operates four buildings on a central campus comprised of 434,000 total square feet. The district serves 1,750 students from early childhood through 12th grade. With a mission to foster academic excellence, life-long learning and citizenship, ensuring wise use of energy within our facilities is a natural extension. The district is proud of the award-winning Amery School Forest and designated prairie land, part of a 40-acre tract of environmental land located just east of our Intermediate and Middle Schools. This outdoor classroom is an exciting and engaging learning environment that helps students understand the importance of protecting natural resources. The district's ENERGY STAR partnership provides additional tools and targets to demonstrate our district-wide commitment to conservation.


The School District of Amery has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leaders Top Performer for achieving an overall energy performance rating of 78. The district has also reduced its annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 200 metric tons, the equivalent of planting more than 50 acres of trees. Specific strategies implemented by the district's energy management team have contributed significantly to these successes. Consistent adjustments to thermostat set points are now based on season and building occupation. New high-efficiency condensing boilers are on a reset schedule based on outside air temperatures. Older, domestic water holding tanks were replaced with smaller more efficient water heaters. Fluorescent lights replaced metal halide lights in the gymnasium and overall lighting was reduced to state minimum foot candles. A continued emphasis on energy management, replacement of inefficient equipment, mechanical system upgrades, and commissioning will further enhance the School District of Amery's energy performance.