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Davenport Community School District

Logo for Davenport Community School District Davenport, Iowa
Top Performer (2006)
10% Improvement (2006)

With 35 separate sites serving nearly 16,000 K-12 students across four communities, the Davenport Community School District is the third largest school district in Iowa. Since working with ENERGY STAR starting in 1998, Davenport has assessed the energy performance of 100% of its schools, undertaken improvements, elevated the average rating across its portfolio by 10 points, and achieved a portfolio-wide average rating of 75 or better. Benefits of the program include reducing energy costs per student to $88.46 (compared to the national average of $181.53 per student in 2004-2005), and realizing energy cost savings of $1,071,917 over three years. A partnership with MidAmerican Energy Company has saved the district $325,000 in mechanical systems purchases over the last two years with equipment rebates. Additionally, a community approach using both internal and external communications has the potential to make an even larger long-term impact on energy use by educating students and staff about the importance of energy efficiency and how personal behaviors can make a difference.   

Davenport has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 1998.