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10% Improvement (2009)
Top Performer (2009)

The Allen Morris Company has been one of the largest diversified real estate firms in the Southeast specializing in commercial and industrial property sales; office, industrial and retail, leasing, development and property management; marketing, and consulting. Since its inception in 1958, the company credits to its name the development of over 78 office and industrial buildings for major corporations throughout all of Florida and much of Georgia, and has exceeded $5.1 billion in business volume of sales, leasing, property management, financing, and construction.  In 1974, Allen Morris was recognized as the largest developer of office structures in Florida.  Since then, the privately-held company has continued to flourish.  In Fiscal Year 2007, total gross business volume exceeded $96,528,798. The firm's mission is to create superior real estate values by providing quality and responsive commercial real estate services for our property owners/clients, and our corporate office and business space users/tenants. Allen Morris has a 30-year plus history of commitment to energy and water saving practices as its core business model - it is part of our daily culture.

In 2008 the Company became an ENERGY STAR partner and currently has achieved the ENERGY STAR label for all four of its owned buildings consisting of 455,701 sqft, achieving an average energy performance rating of 78 and improving the energy performance of the buildings by 11.4% as compared to the baseline. In addition,  proactive energy management strategy is helping the company save over $13,500 per year in energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 570 metric tons of CO2  per year, the equivalent of the annual emissions of more than 105 cars or the planting of more than 110 acres of trees.
Efficiency efforts have focused on:

  • Replacing incandescent lights with fluorescent lights and pl lamps
  • Quarterly review of janitorial and HVAC hours of operation, and modifying and correcting where necessary
  • Maintaining heat exchangers and HVAC equipment clean and at peak efficiency
  • Added timing devices and sensors to common area lights and misc. cooling equipment
  • Reduced lamp wattage where possible in all common areas